We are having... was designed to help parents find out the sex of their baby in a memorable way with products that can be used to announce the news! They offer a Girl Box and a Boy Box, as well as a "Hello Baby!" Box that is perfect for parents looking for a way to celebrate and announce their new addition without focus on gender.

The TCB team was hired to build the entire We are having... brand including Shopify web design & development, brand identity design, social branding, social content, product design and product photoshoots. Scroll to view our finished work!

As a new company, We are having... came to us for a full brand design from scratch! They wanted a light, calming overall feel that could encompass both the gender specific customers and the gender neutral customers.

The TCB team curated a diverse color palette, font selections that span across a variety of use cases, and brand imagery that illustrates the memorable moments their products create.

Our team specializes in multiple types of web design & development including Shopify online storefronts.

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There is nothing more exciting to a new business owner than seeing their products come to life for the very first time! We were happy to help We are having... by producing and executing a successful product photoshoot to add value & credibility to their marketing efforts.

As brand designers, not much can compare to the satisfaction we find in a seamlessly balanced social media grid.

Bringing the We are having... brand to life has been so much fun for us! Click the button below to view more social content.

The TCB team is always creating! There is more to come.

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