Momsley is an online media source and printed magazine for the modern mom. Their content ranges from pregnancy & parenting to home decor, style, wellness, mindset, hilarious #MomMoments, and much more! Their goal is to deliver meaningful content focused on modern motherhood that helps support and inspire moms everywhere.

We're sharing a sneak peak at the new brand identity, video, social content, and website design the TCB team has created for Momsley's upcoming relaunch!

The Momsley team was very passionate about a need for new branding that better represents the style and aesthetic of a 'modern mom'. This included everything from logo design & brandmarks to color palette, font selections, and a new vibe for their brand imagery.

The TCB Brand Kit is a staple of our branding process. Every client receives a formatted one-sheeter that showcases every element of their branding. This Brand Kit can be utilized as a style guide for internal creative teams as well as a way to communicate the importance of your visual identity to contributors, vendors, and brand partners.

Social media can often be an overwhelming aspect of marketing for companies, but it doesn't have to be. Social content is not meant to be complex. It is meant to be 3 things:

  • Simple enough to catch consumer attention while fast-scrolling
  • Frequent enough to maintain & increase social engagement
  • Cohesive enough to be recognizable as a part of your branding & services

The Momsley website has received a full redesign and is pending its official relaunch. The thought process behind our design strategy was to create an online experience that conveys the vulnerability, acceptance, and honest virtues of the Momsley brand. We did this in part by selecting a warm color palette that connotes creativity, growth, harmony, and wholesomeness. We were also very strategic about content placement on the home page to showcase how the variety of media Momsley has to offer is equally as helpful as it is relatable.

The TCB team is always creating! There is more to come.

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