Our client, Enlighten Treatment Centers, is a new company that is charted to be one of the first psychedelic treatment facilities in the United States. They will offer safe, legal, medically supervised psychedelic therapy. Their goal is to make the psychedelic experience accessible for curious individuals who want to utilize moderate-to-high doses of psilocybin and MDMA to catalyze creative breakthroughs, explore consciousness, find meaning, improve confidence, and search for a mystical experience.

The Creative Brandhouse team is excited to be leading the creative process that will help build the brand and messaging for these new innovative treatment centers! We're not quite done yet, but we wanted to take you along for the process.

When it comes to providing logo options to our clients, we believe that more is better. A logo is an incredibly significant representation of your brand, so it can take time to narrow down to one final choice.

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Our approach to this social media creative was simple: We wanted to portray a feeling of freedom, happiness, and visually showcase the individuals that will find higher meaning at these facilities. We chose imagery with undertones of both excitement and mental wellness.

The TCB team is always creating! There is more to come.

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